Jaden Smith Making a Play for Douche of the Year

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NYDN: Jaden Smith, 14, stepped out on what appeared to be a group date with gal pal Kylie Jenner, 15, donning a red and gold “Iron Man” suit Wednesday in New York City. The foursome shopped in Times Square and then dined out at Japanese restaurant Nobu 57. Jenner and the other friends were not even close to being dressed in anything resembling a costume.

Apparently, these two are dating. Who gives a shit. What kind of asshole wears a halloween costume to hang out? Outside of the slugs that troll Times Square, the answer is nobody. What’s your angle? He kind of looks like the little brother that you have to escort around so he can trick-or-treat. When all you really want to do is drink vodka out of a water bottle, smoke weed, and egg houses with your friends. But you cant because you have to babysit the moron with the mask. He is literally trying his hardest to get in the mix with the cool kids. I’m surprised Kylie didn’t terminate his deadass on site. Not to mention it was the hottest fucking day of the year. Sweet stunt, ironman. Can’t believe big Willy style let his seed go out like a lead balloon. Disgrace.


PS- Sex tape in 2017. Book it.

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