This is How You Do a Wedding Photo


DailyMail: Getting married can be a daunting prospect, but this bride has a good reason to look terrified.. she is being chased by a menacing T-Rex. The amusing photo is the creation of Quinn Miller, 22, who digitally added the giant dinosaur chasing the entire wedding party out of the ceremony. Mr Miller took the shot at the wedding of Katie Young, 23, and James Lowder, 21, from Louisiana at The Myrtles Plantation on Sunday.

I’m just going to ignore the fact that some 21 year old idiot got married. Because this couple just won wedding party pictures. I’d share some insight as to what I did for photos when I was in wedding parties but I was so blackout wasted I can’t recall. I just hope these losers from yesterday take notes, get divorced, and then get remarried so that they can do it right. Total opposite ends of the spectrum this week in weddings. Weddings, fucking love ’em.



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