Pit Boss


Briefly: Pit Boss is a show about a guy who goes by the name of “Shorty” that owns a pitbull rescue in LA. He is a little person, and his 3 employees are also little people. If you didn’t know they prefer to be called “little people” and not “midgets.” Anyway, this guy Shorty is a real hard ass, always smoking cigars and generally, being a dick to everyone.

This show is hilarious because pitbulls are 100% the most athletic dog in the world. I say that having done zero research. Its just common knowledge. And little people are the slowest animal in the world. Thats not me taking a shot at little folks either, its just a fact. The list goes 1) Tortoise 1a) Midgets. I mean, little people. The contrast between the two makes for great tv. If a dog ever escapes or gets a little too wild, the show really gets good. Between the little people bickering with Shorty, and the pitbulls running a muck, this show never fails.┬áThere has been 6 seasons of this show. I’ve seen about 4 episodes total, but I’m willing to stand by this program.

Do yourself a favor and check out these clips. You won’t regret it.


Shorty is a wuss!

You can’t take anyone serious when they’re wearing fucking spock ears

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