Matt Harvey Allowed to Miss Mets Game to Watch NYR?


@Jay_HorwitzPR: Matt Harvey has Mets permission to skip game tomorrow and be at MSG to root on Rangers. Matt has not seen Rangers lose at home. 6-0.

 —This is now being reported as merely a joke, but I highly doubt it. I am going to write about it as if it were true. Because, it is absolutely believable that the Mets would find themselves in such a situation…

Matt Harvey has asked the Mets organization for permission to miss tomorrow nights game against the White Sox. He is scheduled to pitch tonight so he won’t be available to pitch tomorrow. His reason- the New York Rangers are undefeated when hes at MSG and he needs to be there to watch them play.

AND The Mets okay’d it. Gotta be fucking kidding. I don’t care if he won’t be available. I don’t care if he’s 23-0 with a 0.0001 ERA. I don’t care if the Rangers are 1,000-0-0 when he is in attendance. He is your current, and future ACE. And you’re allowing him to just skip games? Unprecedented superstar treatment. It’s ludicrous.

My issue isnt just with the Mets allowing this either. How about the balls on this guy to even consider asking to be able to skip games? This is your team. These are your teammates. This is the organization that pays your salary. At least show up to the fucking games dude. “Hey coach, whenever I go to the Garden and wear my lucky socks, and striped thong with a horseshoe on my ass the rangers play good.” No problem Matt, go support the rangers, your team will be here when you decide to join us. Maybe keep updated during intermission via ESPN gamecast. Take a fucking lap. Fucking Mets, only the fucking Mets.

Again: Jay Horowitz is now saying it was all a joke. Really, man? YOU’RE THE METS PR GUY. They have enough problems without your poorly timed “jokes”. This is the Mets. This type of shit actually happens in this organization. Don’t need unnecessary bullshit distractions, especially when our best pitcher is throwing. If it was a joke he owes Harvey an apology for unwanted, negative attention on the day he is scheduled to pitch. Definitely wasn’t a joke though…

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