Camouflage Cats are Horrifying

Was never a fan of cats. And when I say “cats” that does not include big cats. Gun to my head I’m probably taking lions in the “worlds best animal” draft. Got a thing for lions actually. In this context, Im referring solely to domestic cats.

Satan’s own. Untrustworthy. Deviant. Ungrateful. Pretentious bitches. Just a few words that come to mind. The only thing worse than being around a cat is being around a cat that you can’t even see. Cute as these pictures may seem- they’re actually straight off the pages of a horror story.


1) The one in front of the fire place is a nightmare.
2) The ones mixed in with the stuffed animals are absolutely terrifying.
3) The ones with cheetah spots look cool until you remember these are fucking cats and they are no longer cool.
4) I like the one in the sink. But thats the most dangerous of all. It will 100% claw your hair out.

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