Salmoning is an Epidemic


Gothamist: The DOT has sent out a team of workers in reflective jackets to hold signs along heavily-trafficked bike corridors in an attempt to get cyclists to follow the rules. The new “Street Safety Managers” are all current DOT employees who have been rotated away from their usual tasks in the name of safety. Because clearly the most urgent threat to safety on NYC streets is the bicycle.

Eight Street Safety Managers (or SSMs, if you prefer) will be assigned to different locations in Manhattan weekdays during the morning and afternoon rush hours from April through October. They don’t have any enforcement power beyond throwing shade, but they do have hand-held signs saying “STOP/Wrong Way” to discourage “salmoning.” 



Salmoning – Going against traffic. Bike riding in NYC is extreme. If you think the guy with the neon jacket who is merely waiting for his next cigarette break is going to quell the rampant salmoning, you’re living in a fantasy world. Salmons are going to salmon, bottom line. I don’t bike ride in NYC. But if I did you bet your ass I’d salmon. And when I salmon, its no holds barred. These crossing guards holding the signs are not even in my league. Im trying to get from A to B. If I have to weave in and out of these casual bike riders and salmon in their face then thats exactly what I’ll do. They dont have any enforcement power. But they do have hand-held signs” Good luck with that fucking sign when I blow by you riding with no hands and give you double middle fingers. As far as I’m concerned, you can take those signs for an extended walk and get out of my lane. Only the bravest of the brave are in the business of salmoning, and unless you’re willing to spear a salmon off their bike you might as well stay home.

PS- The double middle finger is reserved for only the most dire of situations. I.E: Dj at the bar refuses to play “Juvenile- Back that ass up”. Double middle finger in his grill and walk out.

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