Congrats JR Smith- 6th Man of the Year

Well deserved. Arguably the driving force of this team. Obviously Melo is the guy, but when JR is playing like he has for the past month or so the Knicks can compete with the anyone. He averaged 18 points with 5 bounds and a few helpers coming off the bench. But what stands out for me is how he has gotten his game under control. Smith always plays with a ton of passion, hustle and energy but his game really turned the corner this season. Credit Mike Woodson and the Knicks coaching staff for helping transform the once sporadic and unpredictable Smith. Thats not to say he is no longer unpredictable, but he has certainly modified his game. Driving to the basket is absolutely his strong suit, and now that he has committed to that part of his game he is the ultimate X-factor. Having such a strong scorer coming off the bench is crucial to the Knicks success. Now, he and the team are reaping the benefits and playing their best ball of the season. CONGRATS JR SMITH! WILDCARD BITCHES!

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