Introducing FUNDAWEAR!

Dailymail: If sending explicit messages via Whatsapp or stripping off on Skype isn’t enough to maintain the passion in your long-distance relationship, help is at hand.

Condom giants Durex have unveiled sexy wearable technology called ‘Fundawear’.

This line of lingerie, designed for long-distance lovers, allows couples to ‘touch each other over the internet’ using underwear fitted with vibrators that can be activated using a smartphone app.

Oh, technology. Brilliant stuff coming out of the Durex camp. Who needs long distance? I’d even fire this up if she was around the block. Just jam her up with some electromagnetic waves or some shit. Game changer. Would kind of suck though if there were a malfunction or one of those damn app ‘updates’. Walking through the airport and all of a sudden you get a raging boner because your app freezes up and supersonic shocks are streaming straight into your hammer. That could be devastating… or it could be awesome? Also, I fell in love with that chick with the accent before her vibrator-fitted underwear even became activated. Thats how you know its true love.

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