Commercials That Suck- Jamster Txt Msg. Alerts

Personally, I always keep my phone on silent. No vibrate , no nothing. Because I get so many messages, calls, emails, etc..  I just cant be expected to live a normal, functioning  life with my shit going off all the time.  That’d be ludicrous .

Im sure you’ve seen these jamster text message commercials before. There is the Jersey Shore nickname one, the baby name generator, the “will my relationship work?” one. BUT, this commercial will ruin your life…

UGH what a lame text message! You fucking wish. I refuse to believe anybody saw this commercial and enjoyed what they were hearing. Under no circumstance can I imagine somebody saying , “Those ringtones were so good I need to have them because mine are so lame, write down that number for me. What was it again? Text LOL6 to 5555? ” No. Nobody has ever bought one of these. It has never happened. Ive never done acid, but I believe this is exactly what a bad acid trip is like. Complete fucking nightmare. And that “laughing baby” is more of a “creepy clown cackle”.

Getting through that 30 second video was one of the most excruciating 30 seconds of my life. And I’ve lived 25 long, hard years. Toss up if I’d rather go 30 seconds in a small tank with a school of sea wasp box jellyfish.

Off topic but I have to go here now: “if you were to become wrapped within the tentacles of a sea wasp box jellyfish long enough, it would dissolve you. The pain is described as “excruciating,” “exquisite,” “beyond belief.” Children do not cry when they are stung. They scream. Lifeguards have claimed that simply cutting off the limb that has been stung would hurt less than leaving it attached.” (

I take my hypotheticals literally. And after reading that I have to say I’d rather watch the commercial. But that’s no prize – it ranks slightly above losing a limb; on the worst things ever list.

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