Dwight Howard: Please Stop Talking


My stance has not wavered since he came into the league after playing in the McDonald’s All-American game. I said it then, and ill say it now – He will never win an NBA title. Just an absolute clown. Cotton soft. Isn’t funny at all, but is steady trying to be the overly massive guy who is merely a jokester and a kid at heart. Get a clue man, this is the NBA, you can’t win championships being silly. Give up the comedic act because it is incredibly nauseating. If I had to be around that guy for a full season I would be fucking furious. It’s torture to hang around someone who thinks they are a comedian all the time. Just stop talking. (Am I that guy?).

Dwight has every tool to dominate the league; nobody can match him physically. But I mean, he doesn’t even have an offensive game to speak of outside of catching an oop. Yet, hell be complaining about this and that and then try to awkwardly brush off any adversity with some corny act. Yes, he averages 18 & 13 for his career. Thats fantastic. BUT its the intangibles that will win championships- the will, heart, toughness, killer instinct, and take no prisoners attitude. Shaq was one of the goofiest players of all time, but he had all the intangibles. You either got it or you don’t – Its in a person’s eyes.

DHpussy NO

It crushes me to think that this was his girlfriend and is now his baby momma. Fuck my life.


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