A List Of The Knicks’ Starting PG’s Over The Last 20 Years

Believe it or not the New York Knicks actually had some solid point guard play when I was in elementary school- guys like Charlie Ward, Derek Harper and Chris Childs inspiring a younger me to chase his hoop dreams/dunk on the hoop in my room until I was blue in the face. Life was good.

That was 20 years ago. I haven’t experienced anything like that since, except for the fact that I still dunk on the hoop in my room but it’s not out of joy & hope, it’s out of depression as I seek approval from a handful of strangers on a social media app.

Since the glorious mid-90s, starting point guards for the Knicks include, but are not limited to: Howard Eisley, an over-the-hill Steve Francis, Mardy Collins, SERGIO RODRIGUEZ, a dude named Alexey, Shitface McAirballs and of course, Jose Calderon.

I knew it had been a long time since we had some quality point guard play at The Garden but not even I was prepared for this disturbing realization. By the time I had gotten to Sasha Vujacic at the bottom of this chart I was writhing on the ground in a pool of my own sweat, vomit and tears.

As they say, “The scariest horror stories are the ones that are real and the ones that feature a revolting point guard lineage.”

The tale of the Knicks point guards over the last two decades checks both boxes.


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