I Approve Of Tim Legler’s Solution To Tanking In The NBA

Tim Legler presented any idea today on Russillo & Kanell that would take away the incentive for NBA teams to intentionally lose in hopes of landing the #1 pick in the draft. It’s probably an idea that has been kicked around before, but I am all the way in on it.

In short: The 14 teams that don’t make the playoffs would be seeded 1-14 in a one game elimination tournament with the ultimate prize being the #1 pick in the NBA Draft. Each of the 7 losing teams from the first round would then be entered into a raffle, in which an octopus would select one franchise that has to relinquish their social media duties to Magic Johnson for the following season. The possibility of losing hundreds of thousands of followers with a couple of braindead tweets from Magic could be enough to scare these teams straight. I just went a little off the rails there but it’s something Adam Silver might want to consider.

For this idea to work, the league would have to take about a 10-day break from the end of the regular season until the start of the (real) playoffs, which is when the Draft Tournament would take place. Not ideal to have a 10 day layoff, but people would 100% watch these games- especially if their shitbag organization actually has a chance to land the #1 pick.

Of course, you’d run into some issues with teams that don’t even own the rights to their draft picks (IE: Knicks & Nets) so they wouldn’t give a shit either way. Some teams just suck because they suck, not because they’re trying to achieve some genius master plan like the almighty Sixers.

Still, this system works because it completely removes the desire to lose and promotes competitiveness among the worthless bottom feeders. Simply put, rewarding teams with a top pick because they’ve played like the Mud Dogs for 82 games isn’t American and it’s time for a change.

Vote Legler 2020.


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