This Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016 photo shows a snake head that Troy Walker, of Farmington, Utah, says she found in a can of green beans. Walker said she made the unsettling discovery while she and fellow church members were preparing meals Wednesday night for neighbors. Walker said she took the snake head and empty can back to the grocery store where she bought the food. She took a picture first of the snake head to send to Western Family, a food distribution company based in Oregon, which has halted some shipments of the green beans.(Troy Walker via AP)

What’s Worse Than Finding A Snake’s Head In Your Can Of Green Beans?


A woman was preparing dinner for a church event in Farmington, Utah, when she found a snake’s head in a can of Western Family Fancy Green Beans.

At first, Troy Walker thought one of the beans was burned. But then she realized that it was the head of a snake.

“As I got closer to lift it off the spoon, I saw eyes. That’s when I dropped it and screamed,” Troy said.

Later one, she returned all 30 green bean cans to the Harmons grocery store, where she had bought them from and got full refund.

It wasn’t a money issue, as Troy Walker explained. She was worried that one of the other church members would have found the body of the snake. She also sent a picture of the decapitated snake head to Western Family.

Thankfully, I’ve never once had to experience the feeling of nearly (unintentionally) eating a dead animal. I’m lucky enough to never have plucked a stale mouse out of my bucket of popcorn chicken at KFC, or kissed a toad that was rotting in my Cheesy Gordita Crunch. I am grateful.

When it comes to these types of horror stories though, the old ‘decapitated snake head in your can of fancy green beans’ has to rank as the worst of all. Because we all know the deal with snakes- Even when they’re dead, they’re still actually very much alive. And when I say, “very much alive” I mean, “they will take over your entire mind, body and soul” type of shit. Especially if it happened at some church-sponsored function. A tale right off of page 666 in the devil’s handbook.

So if Troy Walker hadn’t spotted this serpent’s head before serving it to one of her fellow church-goers, this thing could’ve potentially grown inside of some poor old lady named Muriel and oh my god this is the plot of Syfy’s next demon monster exorcist thriller. Fancy Fucking Snakes.

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