Let’s Take A Look At The New Yeezy Boost Hotness

If you thought the first batch of Yeezy Boosts were disgusting, overrated, etc… then there isn’t a word in Miriam Webster’s dictionary that could accurately describe your feelings about the newest additions to Kanye West’s Adidas footwear line.

The 4 new Yeezy 350 Boosts (the low top jawns) are far more decorated than the initial pairs that released and unless you’re on Kanye’s level of genius, you’ll agree that the dog-puke yellow, and jail-house zebra striped, slipper looking moccasin things are a zero out of 10. Especially because they cost roughly $220 bones.

I neither hated or loved the first colors that dropped, but I can definitively say these new ones are the most overhyped sneakers since overhyped sneakers became an official stat.

Surely I’m just some simpleton idiot moron who can’t wrap my brain around the creative masterpiece that is the new Yeezy Boost, but is it wrong to assume his infant daughter is secretly designing all of these shoes? Some squiggly lines, some outrageous colors, and a fucking stripe? Looks like the work of someone with a very small brain to me.

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