NBA2K Drops Blake Griffin’s ‘Hands’ Rating By 20 Points After Fight With Equipment Manager

I love NBA2K. I still haven’t bought 2K16 but the NBA2K series never fails. It’s the best sports video game on the market IMHO, especially since Madden became harder to play than solving a rubix cube under water in the dark.

In the latest update, 2K took a jab (pun!) at Blake Griffin for his recent fight with an assistant equipment manager, which resulted in a fractured hand and approximately 6 weeks on the sidelines. His ‘hands’ rating now sits at a cold 77, 20 points lower than the 97 he originally started with.


Realistic AF! News leaks that you beat one of the equipment manager’s brains in on a Tuesday and by Thursday you can’t even catch a cold! Not that it will matter because I’m sure it’s still impossible to defend a CP3 x Blake Griffin oop but I still love this move by NBA2K.

They also had to jack up all of LeBron’s ratings in the latest update now that he isn’t being held back by that moron David Blatt. JR Smith too, his awareness has probably skyrocketed to a 25 by now.

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