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Shaq Found Out He Was Getting A Statue Outside Of The Staples Center Via Jimmy Kimmel

I don’t care if you think Shaq deserves a statue outside of the Staples Center or not, this sculpture is a masterpiece that can be mentioned in the same breath as MJ’s jumpman statue outside of the United Center.

A screaming 7 foot behemoth hanging from a bronzed rim with his nuts gloriously cemented in your face. Great statue to pose for a picture with, that’s for damn sure. Judging solely from the screen shot in the clip below, I’m perfectly fine giving Shaq’s statue an 11/10.

So now the Lakers will have Jerry West, Magic, Kareem and Shaq triumphantly displayed outside of their arena, with Kobe to round out the starting 5 in the near future. And all I can think about is when Kristaps Porzingis will be enshrined outside of MSG which, according to my calculations, should be completed by mid April.

Also cool that Shaq was genuinely surprised by this news too. Odd choice by the Lakers to let Jimmy Kimmel break the news to The Diesel that he would be immortalized outside of the Staples Center but that’s just Hollywood baby!


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