Pizza Hut Introduces Tater-Tot Crust Pizza

When I feel like ordering some strange, it has always been Domino’s over Pizza Hut [touch the fence if you said Papa John’s]. Can’t tell you the last time I’ve had Pizza Hut but it’s good to know they’re still innovating the game, with the latest being tater-tot and garlic knot laden crusts.

Fucking love me some tots, but the problem is this Pizza Hut recipe is strictly available in New Zealand. To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure they even had pizza in New Zealand, let alone pizza with tater tots, so color me impressed. And garlic knot crust? It’s 2016 and that’s never been done before? Really makes you wonder what else we’re missing out on*

We’re still a long way from french fries & oreos or peanut butter & gumballs, but I fully support Pizza Hut’s relentless efforts to catch up to Dominos by pushing the envelope with bizarre crusts.

*A brief list of things we may be missing out on:

-Chicken wing crust. Sounds great in theory but the execution would probably suck

-Jamaican Beef Patty crust

-Knish crust. Potatoes are my #1. Give me a mashed potato and gravy crust if you want.

-Bacon stuffed crust. They’ve probably already done this and if that’s the case, I’m so sorry

-Veggie stuffed crust because I like to watch the world burn


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