The Cloverfield Sequel Is Coming In March

I liked Cloverfield. Wasn’t the greatest movie I ever saw but it definitely kept me interested throughout. That’s really all I got on that film, if you’re looking for character analysis and a plot breakdown come back to this site¬†tomorrow, or the next day.

The sequel, “10 Cloverfield Lane,” comes out on March 11th, eight years after the first one, and I definitely plan on seeing it. And¬†when I say “seeing it,” I mean illegally downloading it because this certainly isn’t a movie that is worth my $15 for a ticket, but I’ll be watching it nonetheless.

JJ Abrams hasn’t given any clues aside from saying this film is a ‘blood relative’ of Cloverfield, so perhaps this isn’t necessarily a ‘sequel’ [as my misleading title suggests] but more monsters and chaos are to be expected in this post-apocalyptic setting.

Sequel, blood relative, second cousin once removed… who gives a shit? I’m in.


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