Smuggling Drugs Inside Of Large Shipments Of Carrots Is The New Wave

Swallowing cocaine filled balloons and shitting them out after crossing the border is ancient drug smuggling history. That method of mule-ing is so 2000 and late.

The new wave is moving copious amounts of illegals via vegetable shipments, specifically, bundles of carrots. Straight out of the Looney Tunes playbook and I don’t hate the move, except for the fact that it doesn’t work. That’s the only snag in this whole thing.

Mixing in a few [2,817 but who’s counting?] of these orange-taped packages with the rest of real carrots seems like a recipe for success but life isn’t always fair.

Just a healthy snack? No! #CBP officers found 164 pounds of cocaine hidden in this shipment of carrots. Good eyes! #bordersecurity #lawenforcement

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