Polish Farmer Figures Out His SheepDog is Actually a Wolf


NYDN: A hapless Polish farmer who brought a cute puppy to look after his sheep was shocked to find out it was actually a wolf. 
Zbigniew Pieczyk, 50, was left red-faced after discovering the adorable stray he found near his ranch in Podlasie was in fact a dangerous wild dog. “I thought it was a sheepdog pup or a German shepherd,” Metro reports him as saying.

“Then when it started to howl every night I realized I’d made one hell of a mistake and I called the police,” he added. He is now set to be returned to the wild.


That’s a wolf brotha! The story is so, “Polish-people-are-so-dumb” that I don’t know if I can believe it. This Polish dunce is in competition for worst farmer ever with this guy.

What’s that old saying? Don’t bring a wolf into your farm to guard your sheep because that wolf really wants to eat the sheep, and will probably team up with other wolves to slaughter your herd? Yeah that one, that’s the one that applies here.

Zbigniew Pieczyk’s entire herd is completely fucked now. Let me explain to you how this works: Mother wolf is furious that she can’t find her cub. The cub howls repeatedly during the night, allowing the now batshit crazy mother wolf to locate the baby. The cub gets released into the wild, reunites with mom, and the streets run red with lambchop’s blood. Classic cause-and-effect scenario.

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