Egyptian Guy Cuts Off His Own Hands For Stealing


Source: An Egyptian man has sliced off both his hands by placing them in the path of a speeding train to overcome his stealing addiction. Ali Afifi, 28, was apparently so appalled by his habitual crimes that he took his punishment into his own hands. The young man, apparently guided by the rules of Sharia law, severed both his hands in his self-inflicted purgatory.



Any ordinary, cookie cutter Egyptian could’ve had the authorities sever his hands and be on their merry way. Not for Ali Afifi though, this guy is a showman. A showman, and a cocksman. Oh, I’ve broken in your pyramid and stolen a box of fig newtons you say? My fault, I’ll just reach underneath this here speeding train. Guy just shot a huge load all over divine law by making a fucking show out of it. Legendary beast move; would not surprise me if he’s turned into a mummy after he dies. It’s the least they could do, Ali just flipped Sharia Law on it’s head. Like I’ve said from day one; It takes a real man to admit his mistakes, but it takes a borderline Pharaoh to permanently disfigure his dick beaters by way of speeding locomotive. The repent game will never be the same.


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