Old Lady Searches For Lost Parrot That Sounds Like Her Dead Husband


Gawker: An elderly widow from San Juan Capistrano who is hoping her pet parrot comes back to her says the lost bird was a living link to her late husband because it still spoke using the deceased man’s voice.

“My husband passed away three years ago, and he still uses my husband’s voice to tell the dogs to be quiet, and he calls my son Patrick, or he calls my daughter Erin,” Karen McIntyre told CBS LA about her beloved African gray parrot October. “He picks up the phone and makes telephone calls in my husband’s voice.”

The parrot has been missing since disappearing from the family’s backyard back in July, and McIntyre is now turning to the public for help in finding October and bringing him back home.


Free at last, free at last! That’s a clever play on the fact that today is the 50th anniversary of MLK Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Keep up.

I know parrots can repeat phrases ad nauseam and I know they can mimic someone’s voice. That’s just common, parrot bullshit. Referring to a specific person by name, and reacting to the dogs barking is next level parrot. But, if October can pick up the phone and make phone calls, then I am impressed. Bird has a vocabulary the size of Texas and it’d absolutely terrifying to be on the other line of that phone call from a dead guy/parrot. That’s some act you got there October. The only problem is your name is fucking atrocious. Godspeed out there in the real world patrolling the streets and hushing dogs all over creation.

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