R.I.P- This Babe Just Crushed The Beauty Pageant

You ever wonder would it would be like if one of those live auctioneers had a full blown seizure mid rabble? Well, the lady in the very beginning of the video just put on a clinic for a solid 3 seconds. Clean it up scatter brain. As for miss¬†Joanlia Lising,¬†“Seeing is the best sense that we could ever see, because seeing is believing.” UhhhYaAh, nailed it.

Top 5 senses in order: Seeing, hearing gotta go 1&2. Taste third, because tasting food is pretty cool. I love me a good scent, but I think I could live without smelling. I think. So, that leaves touch fourth because I don’t want to be completely numb. Smell fifth.

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