Brandy Puts On A Huge Concert For Nobody


HuffPo: The “Boy is Mine” singer took the stage at the 90,000-capacity FNB Stadium to a crowd of merely 40 people. Brandy was intended as a surprise performer during the music portion of the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day, but the surprise element didn’t work out in her favor. Attendees didn’t know to expect the singer, and they poured out of the stadium after a series of performers — David Jenkins, Elvis Blue, Salif Keita and D’Banj — played sets before Brandy.

Not only did Brandy not have viewers in the stadium, but she was snubbed on TV as well. SABC, South Africa’s national channel, ended its broadcast of the music performances before she took the stage, The Guardian reports.


No shit the crowd left after the musical stylings of Salif Keita and D’Banj. Who the fuck. You can’t expect people to sit through that nonsense for a surprise they don’t even know about. Be smarter than that Brandy. Although, I’m not sure they would’ve stuck around anyway. What is Brandy even doing trying to put on a surprise concert? “HEY EVERYBODY, BRANDY’S ON THE STAGE! BRANDY’S ON THE STAGE!” You fucking wish, I think they all caught wind of the surprise concert and bolted for the exits before Elvis Blue’s encore. Ain’t nobody got time for a surprise Brandy concert.


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