Kid Gets Kicked Out of Cardinals Game For Holding His Dad’s Beer


NYDNAn Arizona Cardinals season ticket holder claims he was booted from a preseason game by state liquor agents because his 15-year-old son was holding his beer for him while he took a photo. “I thought it was a candid camera joke. I really did,” John Coulter told USA Today.


Coulter tells the paper that he and his son had just watched the opening kickoff of Saturday’s game against the Cowboys at University of Phoenix Stadium when he turned to his son and asked him to hold his beer while he used his cell phone to snap a photo. He says that by the time he was done taking the photo, two undercover agents of the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control confronted him. “(They said) ’What you did was illegal, and I could have you arrested for it.’”



First off, I never hand my beer to anyone. I’m fully capable of placing it on the floor or holding it with my teeth if need be. Got to be able to handle taking a grainy photo like a man and just one hand it.

Secondly, undercover agents trolling around football stadiums are absolutely despicable. Couldn’t even imagine they existed, not even in my scariest nightmares. But it’s real, and it’s just about as un-American as a human can get. A couple of gutless punks sneaking up on people that are trying to enjoy America’s greatest game and pressing them over a cup of beer is borderline terrorism.

Thirdly, ever heard of a warning? Christ, it was just after kickoff and these jabronis swooped in to ruin a perfectly good father/son day. If this stunt wasn’t met with a chorus of booze from the people in their section, I’ve lost all faith in our society.

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