Granny’s Cookies

I can’t know for sure if this lady is Jewish. But I can say with 1000% certainty, this lady is Jewish. Just your quintessential old, cranky, Jewish squaw. Her cart is completely bare, aside from a coupon book, because all she does is strut around complaining about the prices. Open your eyes lady, this isn’t the 50’s anymore.

Completely refused to listen and understand that the fucking Oreos were 2.99. Simply couldn’t splurge an extra 101 cents even if they were $4.00? At one point, the price had risen to $5 a bag. You’re just arguing with yourself you psycho. So feisty. Complete supermarket meltdown. Show some poise out there nan.

“I don’t understand what you’re doing son!” Somebody’s grandma sucks!

S/O @Seal_13 for the tip and smooth camera work.

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