Anna Benson is Still A Lunatic, Just a Lot Uglier


NYPost: Infamous “Baseball Wife” Anna Benson allegedly went batty yesterday when she pulled a gun on her estranged husband, former Mets pitcher Kris Benson, and demanded money, according to reports. The haggard-looking former Penthouse model and reality-TV star was arrested early yesterday on assault and trespassing charges after she allegedly barged into her husband’s Marietta, Ga., home and threatened him with the firearm and a metal baton, according to TMZ. Kris managed to slip away and call police, to tell them his wife — wearing a bulletproof vest — was on a rampage, TMZ said.

She made her most infamous headlines in 2004, in an interview with shock jock Howard Stern. “I told [Kris], cheat on me all you want. If you get caught, I’m going to screw everybody on your entire team,” she said.

What a lady! You know you can tell a lot about someone by staring into their eyes. Sometimes you look directly into a chicks eyes and immediately know, this babe is a real ice queen. But Anna Benson’s eyes? Those soul windows scream, “Fire arms, metal batons, bullet proof vests, monetary demands, and threatening to screw an entire major league roster!” And it would still be worth it, if she wasn’t so blown out. At this rate she looks like a beach house 4. Can’t make demands when you’re below the curve, Anna. Still would though…

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