Fly Attendant Accused of Smuggling Rats


Gawker: A veteran American Airlines flight attendant accused by her colleagues of smuggling a pet rat onto an international flight in her underwear has filed a lawsuit against the airline, claiming the accusations have resulted increased customs screenings and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Two American Airlines employees made the rat-smuggling allegations against Louann Giambattista, 55, in 2012. According to the lawsuit, one of the accusers, a pilot, told airline officials “he saw a bulge in [her] pocket” that looked like a “live pet” as he helped her exit a van during a layover. A flight attendant on another flight “believed [Giambattista] fed her pet rats” during at least one flight.

Giambattista’s attorney admits his client is an animal lover who owns dogs, gerbils, hamsters, and, at one time, a pet rat. “Everybody has pets — she has her pets at home, not at work,” attorney Stephen Morelli told theNew York Post. “She’s not a nut. They’re making her out to be a nut.”


I’ve had it with these motherfucking rats on this motherfucking plane! Fucking colleagues, man. What’s it to you if I want to keep Fival tucked away in my cooch? Quit tattling and stay out of my lane. Although, I fully believe Louann Giambattista was indeed smuggling rats in her underwear. Her name just gives me the rat smuggler vibe, and I’ll call a spade a spade every time. I’ll also say she is definitely a nut. Partly because she stuffed a rat in her twat, and partly because she owns multiple rodent breeds. Psycho nation. One of the top 5 worst pets is a rat. Trust me, I made a list.

5) Parrots- Squawking.

4) Ferrets/Weasels- Creeps.

3) Rats- Disgusting.

2) Cats- Devil.

1) Snakes- Snakes.

PS- This is Louann Giambattista


HUGE rat owner vibes going on.


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