This Guy Fucked Up


DailyMail: A 36-year-old man in Orange County, Florida has been convicted of first-degree murder for decapitating a neighbor after the killer’s mom had wrongly outed the man as a pedophile. Robert Eugene Vasquez, faces life without parole when he is sentenced in August, after he was found guilty of slashing Bobby Ray Rainwater Jr.’s throat and separately assaulting a second man. Vasquez claims he had become concerned for the safety of his girlfriend after his mom told him Rainwater was a registered sex offender.

Vasquez fled the scene and was staying with Lance Lyons, when two days later he attacked Lyons with a metal mallet and smashed his face in. Fortunately Lyons’ brother stopped Vasquez from taking a second swing, as the first strike had already caused major injuries to Lyons’ nose and mouth.

I like to try to protect my family. … He’s not going to go in there and rape my [expletive] chick,’ Vasquez had told investigators, reports OC Weekly.


Another notch in the belt for Florida becoming the craziest place in the Universe. Just a classic mixup. One minute you’re a vigilante superstar, turn the page and you’re a fucking goat because you slaughtered a random civilian and bashed your roommate’s grill into oblivion. Can’t even blame mom on this one, gotta do your own research bro. You like to protect your family. That’s cool. We get that. But you still gotta open a book, bust out some highlighters and do some old school investigating before shredding the neighborhood to peices. All in all, I think Bobby Ray Rainwater Jr. is a Hall of Fame type name, and that’s what I’m taking away from this story.

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