Still Hate Dwight Howard

I’ve said it before, I am not a fan of Dwight Howard. Haven’t been since day 1. I won’t dive into all the reasons because I’m having a fairly good day and don’t feel like pissing myself off. I will say however, the L.A Lakers are foolish to be putting up these billboards:

lakers_billboard_stayd12_dwight_howard_062713b dwight_howard_lakers_billboard_stayd12_062713_1

#STAYD12 might be my least favorite hashtag in the history of the internet. You are the fucking Los Angeles Lakers. He is a cry baby bitch that can’t harness his talent into anything worthwhile. I can’t understand why they’re going above and beyond to kiss this guys dick. If he wants to stay, fine. But by NO means would I be willing to beg. And with the human weasel, Chris Broussard, reporting that Dwight is not interested in returning, I’d say good riddance. Thanks for coming out. Thank god I root for an organization with class, dignity, and integrity.

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