Draft Day


The Knicks have voids to fill. Depending on which players leave in free agency, they could use a point guard, wingman, or traditional power foward/ back up center. In other words, they could literally take anyone with the 24th pick and fill a need. This draft is so wide open it really just comes down to who will fall in their lap.

They won’t be addressing a specific position, although I would like to see them take a wing player that can take some of the offensive burden off Melo’s shoulders. Assuming JR bolts during free agency (and he will) and the possibility of losing Copeland makes finding a shooter a priority. Wingmen like Michigan’s Tim Hardaway Jr. & Georgia Tech’s Glen Rice Jr., are possible fits for the Knicks should they go that route. However, if a guy like Shane Larkin drops to 24, I’d love to see him in a Knicks uniform. He’s undersized for a scorer but would be a valuable backup guard, considering Prigioni is likely to walk. The Knicks definitely need scorers so I would be satisfied with that type of pick.

Drafting big has not been kind to the Knicks since Patrick Ewing. David Lee was solid, but thats neither here nor there. This draft doesn’t have much to offer up front. Big man from Kansas, Jeff Withey, has been tossed around but I’d rather they not do that. And when I say, ” I’d rather they not do that” I mean “I’d drink myself into a coma tonight if they do that.” Forward from North Texas, Tony Mitchell is also a name that the Knicks fans should be familiar with. I don’t remember seeing him play in college but the Knicks are reportedly very interested in the athletic 6’9 forward.

Drafting foreign is also something I wished they’d avoid. I absolutely loathe drafting foreigners. Maybe it’s the whole Frederic Weis experiment. Yes, it’s definitely because of the Weis experiment. Wasn’t a fan of Danilo, or the guy they drafted in 2012┬áKostas Papanikolaou, either. Yeah, that was a real life draft pick. Fuck. I just feel the foreigners are generally too soft, and have no business playing in New York. Maybe if Danilo had a couple neck tats it would’ve been different…

One thing is for certain, the Knicks should definitely be able to find a valuable role player tonight. I say that with zero confidence. Almost couldn’t even find it in me to type those words. They will probably draft some schlub from Poland who will never even come to America.

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