Nick Fucking Nolte

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Don’t have the slightest clue what a 72 year old Nick Nolte does. Could be preparing for a new role. But judging from this, I’d bet the house he spends a TON of time getting blown out. Completely blown out of his skull. Drinking a ridiculously unhealthy amount of liquor and generally getting obliterated by the sun. For Christ’s sake put on some sun block! I get that your Nick Nolte, but that doesn’t mean you’re above sun poisoning. He has the look of someone who just regained consciouness in the woods somewhere and thought, “Oh fuck I have to be at that thing in 10 minutes.” Quick, let me grab my black bag. The guy doesn’t even have time to run a fucking comb through his hair. All things noted, when you’re puling off a Versace tee, white pants and slippers nobody can tell you shit. Hobo chic.

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