Kate Upton And Cameron Diaz Filming A Comedy Together

NYDN: It’s the blonde leading the blonde as beauties Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton light up the SoHo set of upcoming comedy “The Other Woman.” In sultry red dress and cream-colored stilettos, Diaz, 40, can still turn heads.


Firstly, this movie will suck. Cameron Diaz hasn’t been in a decent movie since The Mask. And Kate Upton isn’t an actress. Secondly- whats that old saying, a pictures worth a thousand words? Yes, thats definitely the saying. And these pictures say to me that Kate Upton has been big leaguing the shit out of Cameron since they started filming.

I mean, could she give less of a fuck about what Cameron has to say? Like, bitch stop chirping in my ear, you’re old hat. I don’t care about all the acting knowledge, its just about me and my tremendous cans, go grab me a latte. And in that 3rd pic, “Hey Kate look, Im going to subtly give the paparazzi the middle finger! SO funny right?” “No sweetie, thats how I make a living. Don’t ruin it for me, k?” Sass on sass on sass. Not a huge fan of the whole “some hobo puked up malt liquor and skittles all over my cut-sleeve shirt” look. Stick to your guns, Kate. Tits out is your bread and butter.

Also, Chinatown is permanently always packed wall to wall and foggy as a motherfucker right? No elbow room, and smog. Thats what Chinatown does.

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