14 Year Old Dies Playing Hide & Seek


DailyMail: A 14-year-old Texas boy has died in a freak accident after accidentally impaling himself through the chest on the horn of a bull sculpture. Police say Miguel Martinez was playing hide-and-seek about 3am on Saturday in front of the National Ranching Heritage Center on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock. In the excitement of the game, he ran into the pointed horn of a bull sculpture outside the museum. The metal horn pierced him through the chest.


I get this kid on so many levels. Hide and seek is hugely intense. Although when you’re playing hide and seek at 3am, its “manhunt” not hide and seek. Semantics, I know. There is nothing like running for your life. And make no mistake about it, when you’re on the verge of getting tagged, its life or death. I’d probably jump off a fucking cliff to avoid getting tagged back in my hide and seek hay-day. So I can certainly relate to this bro who was willing to take a bull horn to the chest rather than let his team down. The excitement of the game is too real to even think straight at times. It’s really a miracle that there hasn’t been more hide and seek casualties.

Editors note: Playing hide and seek with my nephew the other day, and he wanted a good spot to hide. I told him to get in the fire place, behind the little gate. Of course, the fire wasn’t going but that was probably horrible advice to give a 3 1/2 year old. The fucking fire place? Like I said, the intensity of the moment can cloud your judgement, even when you’re an adult genius.

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