Psychic Botch Job



DailyMail: After winning a lawsuit last month, a couple in Texas are looking to collect $7million from the psychic who defamed them. Joe Bankston and Gena Charlton sued the offending psychic, Presley ‘Rhonda’ Gridley for defaming them when she told police in June 2011 that there was a mass grave in their backyard. Gridley, a self-described ‘psychic’ and ‘reverend’ told police that they would find a mass grave with 25 to 30 bodies in their backyard, with the bones of missing children in the walls and ‘stuff written all over the walls in blood.’

When the investigation ended with no bodies in sight, Bankston and Charlton sued Liberty County, various media outlets and Gridley. ‘Over the course of the day, media defendants began to exaggerate and eventually make up facts about Plaintiffs, including that a mass grave existed on the property, including the bodies of children,’ the suit said.



Fucking psychic’s. Sometimes they say something that seems relevant or true, and everyone thinks that they’re the cats meow. But for every 1 correct statement there’s about 500 guesses. With that, there are some instances where you just cant be wrong. You’ve got to step up to the plate looking for a fastball, get the fastball, and knock it out of the stadium. Anything else is an absolute failure and disaster. You’d better be 6,000% sure there are dead bodies and bones of children in the walls before you go spilling the beans to the police and media. Thats a pretty bold statement for a “self-described psychic.” What does that even mean? Police force must be run by a bunch of jagaloons. Putting way too much faith in some reverend turned psychic.

PS- No chance this couple collects on that $7 million. Psychics live paycheck to paycheck, everyone knows that.

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